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Buchanan Street Antiques

Our specialty is Fine China, both Antique and Modern, Antique and Collectible Glass, Fine Sterling Silver,  and Fine Art prints and paintings. We buy fine old things out of New England estates and we sell them to the four corners of the Earth. We have been selling full time since 2003 and the high quality of our goods and our customer service is very important to us. We ship fast, we ship safely, and your satisfaction is guaranteed with every purchase, or your money back in full.

We accept PayPal, money order, personal or cashiers checks. I will contact you with totals and shipping information within 24 hours of your purchase. We ship within one business day of receiving payment, if payment is instant, such as Paypal instant payments or credit card. In the case of checks or echecks, the goods may be held until the check clears.


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask:

Nadine Carroll

735 Western Avenue
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Tel: (800) 391-5432

Welcome to our eBay customers following us as we diversify our selling channels! For those wishing to check out our eBay feedback, our eBay id is serious_coder (don't ask, my husband picked it long before we started to sell, and it was hard to change).

A Note on Packing Glass and China:

All stackable pieces such as plates or bowls are stacked together with a layer of bubblewrap in between them and secured so that they stay together in transit, using additional layers of bubblewrap where necessary. Hollow pieces such as teacups, teapots or wine glasses, are stuffed with tissue paper to cushion against shock, and all knobs, handles and stems are also wrapped in tissue paper, then each item is individually bubblewrapped.

For shipment, I use either Post Office Priority Mail boxes or new 200lb strength corrugated boxes/

The bottom of the box is cushioned with at least 2 inches of styrofoam packing peanuts before the first item goes in. The items will then be layered in the box, heaviest first, with enough packing peanuts and crumpled paper in between them to cushion them and prevent them from shifting in transit. The box will be topped off with more peanuts or paper to fill every space tightly. If there are many pieces in a large box, such as a set of dishes, the box will be double boxed - the first box set inside a larger box with crumpled newspaper in between the two boxes - to strengthen and stiffen the whole package.

The boxes will then be sealed with heavy clear packing tape and marked "Fragile" or "Glass" with bright red labels on the top and sides of the box. I always ship insured for items over $20 in value. With my system of packing, I have had no problem collecting insurance on those very rare occasions when something has broken.