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Limoges White Porcelain Gravy Strainer Separator Sauce Boat Bowl

  • $30.00

Here is a clever Limoges white porcelain gravy boat. Double spouted. One spout is a normal open spout, but the other has a channel attached to it that takes the liquid from the bottom -- it's a gravy separator! So if you want to serve roasting juices with your roast, you can just pour the juices into this gravy boat without skimming them. The fat rises to the top, while the channel will pour from the bottom. "Limoges France Deposé" mark on the base with a "CM" maker's mark.

The gravy separator is 10 inches long and weighs 1 lb 5 oz (shipping weight 2 lbs)

Condition: The gravy boat is in excellent condition. Please view the detail photos.

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