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Antique Davenport "Witches Imari" Elongated Serving Dish 19th Century 1815 AS IS

  • $45.00

Offered for sale is a fine Derby large elongated serving dish in the "Witches Imari" pattern, circa 1815. "Witches Imari" was one of the popular Imari-inspired "Japan" patterns of the early 19th century, whose red, blue and gold colors looked lovely by candlelight. Entirely hand painted with gold rims and heavy gilding. The serving dish has faintly impressed "DAVENPORT" marks, with hand-written painter's marks in red and blue. Circa 1815.

This elongated serving dish with an odd phallic shape is 21 inches long by 13 1/2 inches wide at the widest point by 1 3/4 inches tall; it weighs 5 lbs (shipping weight 9 lbs).

Condition: Repaired. At some point it was broken into several pieces and neatly glued together. Please view the detail photos, which show the seams.

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